Wednesday, 8 September 2010

KPE Episode 293: "Old Bones"

Ala and Selena present "Old Bones" by Bill Nagelkerke in this episode of KPE.

Here is a taster of what this book is about...
Jamie and his family have just moved into a big, old house called Cloverly in
the city, and he is not happy about it. Jamie loved his life on the farm and
blames the move into town on Sue, his dad’s new partner. Jamie resents Sue
for the way she has intruded into his life with his father. The farm is special to
Jamie because it is where he feels closest to his mother, who died during
childbirth. To make matters worse Sue is pregnant herself. The thought of
having a new baby brother or sister is less than thrilling for Jamie.

For weeks Jamie rattles around the rambling, old house. He has left all of his
old friends behind and has no interest in trying to find new ones. Anyway,
there is something unusual about Cloverly. Jamie senses a ghostly presence
in his bedroom. The room is always cold, and he can hear strange sounds
such as running water and trains – even though there are none for miles.

Check out what our podcasters have to say about it below....


  1. Yah girls!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally finished. This one was a long time coming. I actually haven't even listened to it yet but I was so excited to see that it was on line, I had to leave a comment straight away. I will listen to it right now and tell you what a fantastic job you have done. (I'm sure it will be).

  2. Yes, I was right. Good job girls.
    This was definitely one of my favourite stories I read last year, full of suspense and excitement. You have retold the main ideas really well and you speak so clearly and with great expression.
    Keep up the great work... and great reading.

    (This time I managed to spell my name correctly)

  3. Hi Ala and Selena i really like your story but the scary one was when he was talking to the ghost and my favorite part was when one of yous was singing I think you should go to American Idol.

  4. Hello guys,

    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast of Old Bones. I like the way you described the story, but didn't give away the ending!

    Congratulations and best regards,

    Bill Nagelkerke

  5. Hi Selena and Ala

    Well done making another podcast really real. I hope I get a chance of reading it. Keep up the good work.