Wednesday, 8 September 2010

KPE Episode 294 : "As Kuku Slept"

"As Kuku Slept" by Erin Devlin is podcast by two students from Room 17, Kayla and Chanel.

Kingi Kereru wakes up one moonlit night to find a possum about to raid his nest and attack his baby, Kuku. He and his mate Queenie chase the possum away, leaving Grandpa Kukupa guarding Kuku's as they fly up to investigate. As they fly further they see hundreds, then thousands, then millions of possums gorging on leaves and berries, and stealing eggs and chicks from nests. Sad and exhausted, they fly homewards. When they stop for a rest, they are encouraged by the sight of people working to save the kereru, setting traps for possums and other pests.

This story tells the story of the kereru, the New Zealand native wood pigeon, which is now a threatened species. You will learn a lot about the threat possums are to our forests and native creatures as you listen to the podcast and read the book.


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