Friday, 24 September 2010

KPE Episode 308: "Philomena Wonderpen"

Ala and Mubasshira from Room 17 present "Philomena Wonderpen is a very naughty teacher" by Ian Bone. This intriguingly titled book tells a tale of a very unusual birthday present...

Philomena Wonderpen (her best friend George calls her Philomena Daydreamer) is a little girl who loves to daydream. Perhaps if she could draw her dreams with a magic pen she could make them become real. Then maybe she could even make herself the teacher and then be able to boss the whole class!


  1. Dear Ala and Mubbashira
    Your podcast is cool. I love your book about Philemona and her wonder pen. Making things come true is amazing.

    Yours sincerly Te Roimata

  2. Hey Ala and Mubbashira,

    Wow!! This was a great podcast of you two friends knowing what book you are reading. I really love this book once I should go search for it at the Library. This sounds like a really good book I can't wait to read it. Keep it up Team I can't wait to hear more from you.