Wednesday, 21 July 2010

KPE Episode 292: "Eureka"

This podcast from Sylvia and Kayla is about a book called "Eureka" by Sandy MaKay. We were very priviledged to have Sandy McKay visit our school several years ago and make a podcast with us about another one of her books.
"Eureka" sounds like another great story and we think you will enjoy the way Sylvia and Kayla talk about it. We also think you will enjoy the talents of the photographer for this episode - it looks like they had a lot of fun on their photo shoot!

"It's science fair time again and, as usual, Joey and Todd are stuck for ideas. Their teacher keeps imploring them to look for things in their every day lives that they could make better, but they still don't have a clue. Then, Eureka! Joey decides the thing that needs the most improvement is his frazzled single mother, so he starts experimenting..."


  1. Hi Sylvia and Kayla,
    I really enjoy your summary of "Eureka"; I can really relate to the story because my family is hardworking as well. Also, I agree with both of you that "putting in a little hard work, gets the job done." Once again, good job!

  2. Dear Sylvia and Kayla,
    I liked listening to your podcast. It made me really want to read the story too. I am going to see if it is in my school library.
    From Anetema.

  3. Dear Sylivia and Kayla,
    I really like your podcast of Eureka because it sounds like what my family does. But theres one thing my and my brother don't do is help clean up.

  4. it sounds cool