Wednesday, 22 September 2010

KPE Episode 307: "Storm"

Mubasshira and Selena from Room 17 do a marvellous job of presenting "Storm" by Margaret Beames in this latest podcast from KPE.  "Storm" is another title in the Extreme series, and focuses on the main character facing a personal challenge....

 Erin has never had any doubt about what she wants to do when she leaves school.  She wants to be a farmer like her father and mother.  She finds that being home only at the weekends and during the holidays, is too short a time to enjoy this life that she loves. 
Try as she will, Erin finds that the boring jobs around the farm don’t keep her from daydreaming and, as a result, neither of her parents has any confidence in her ability to concentrate and complete a job properly. Things,however, have a habit of changing and Erin must call on all her concentration and resourcefulness to help her father after he has an accident on the farm.

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