Saturday, 18 September 2010

KPE Episode 296: "Mayday"

Joshua and Kayde from Room 17 have read "Mayday" by G Brassi.
This book is a great read for people learning about Mighty Mariners -as we are at Pt England School this year.  We all know what "Mayday" means and so the title gives us lots of clues about this book.
As well as telling a great tale, we also learn lots about maritime safety rules and what can go wrong on a boat trip.
"Lee, her Dad and cousin are aboard a stricken boat, and there is no one to help them.  They can’t use the radio- it doesn’t work.  Fixing it was another of the jobs Uncle Matt was going to ‘sort out sometime,’ along with the leaking dinghy and the faulty wiring. 
A lapse of concentration sees the Bella run aground on Richard’s Rock, kilometres away from any help.  With the dinghy only big enough for two, Dad prepares Lee and Joey for an epic row to land, and safety.  Dad must stay behind with the sinking Bella and hope that help arrives before he is forced to take to his raft of foam cushions, risking the ocean - and the sharks."

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