Wednesday, 19 November 2008

KPE Episode 198: "The Pipi Swing"

"The Pipi Swing" by Sarona Aiono-Iosefa Malama and Kathleen tell us about this cool New Zealand book that talks about something most New Zealanders do every Summer. Even if you have never called it 'the pipi swing', when they start telling you about it you will know what they are talking about. You know when you go to collect pipis, and you dig your toes in the sand and start swivelling your feet so your toes go under the sand until they feel the pipis? And then you bend down and pick them up before a wave washes over you? Well, that's the pipi swing.
Collecting pipis is such a big part of Summer in New Zealand that quite a few books have been written about it. We have podcast "Dad's Takeaways" and "Jive's Pipi Diggers" since we started this blog. Why don't you check them out too - and tell us YOUR pipi experiences....


  1. Congratulations Malama and Kathleen for almost hitting the 200th Episode for podcasting.

    I liked this podcast because it reminded me of how much I enjoy eating pipi's at Ninety Mile Beach.

  2. Hi Malama and Kathleen

    Great podcast girls. The pipi swing sounds like just the thing to be doing at the beach this summer.

    I hope that you both enjoyed Yr 6 Camp on Kawau Island last week.

  3. Hello this is Moli and Zecillia from Tamaki Intermediate School. Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog page about our Sasa, we really enjoyed making it and its nice to here that your class enjoys it so much. We like listening to KPETV too!

  4. Hey girls,

    This story did have a sad beginning did you cry when you read it?

    I'll be sure to try the pipi swing on my next visit to the beach!

    Did you see anyone doing the dance at our camp on Kawau Island?
    Great podcast well done both of you!
    Mrs Nua

  5. Hi girls
    I really enjoyed your podcast because it really brought back some good memories for me. All my life my families have been mad keen on eating pipis when we go to the beach and the pipi swing is something we are good at. Then cooking the pipis on the bbq or making them into fritters....yummm :)
    Keep up the good work
    Mrs Burt

  6. Hi Kathleen and Malama

    Great podcast girls. This podcast sounded really good and you both had great expression. That will be a great thing in the summer. Hope to hear another podcast from one of you two next time.