Thursday, 20 November 2008

KPE Episode 199 : "Ratso"

"Ratso" by Lorraine Orman
Uani and Mele share another New Zealand story that takes place at the beach.
You should be able to tell that Summer is coming here! This book is the exciting adventures of a boy and his pet rat! We have some people at Pt England School who quite like pet mice and you can find out about that on the Room 12 and 13 webpages.
We are sure you will enjoy this podcast, so let us know what you think about keeping rats for pets!


  1. Well done Mele and Uani I liked the way Mele described every little bit I needed to know about the story (main parts where great). Uani you did a good job in expressing your personal feelings about the story.Iam not into rats but it would be cool to read this book and find out what other exciting adventures the boy and his pet rat get up to. Good voice overs, clear and strong.

    By Joseph in room16

  2. Hey Uani and Mele great podcast guys that was very interesting you both spoke clearly and you really expressed yourself and that was really cool.

    The best part I liked about the story was when Steven see's a rat and doesn't like it but at the end he looks after him.

    By Taiapa

  3. Hey Mele

    great expresion you had there
    you sounded really nice when you speaked into that mocro phone
    this was written to you from your big sister Uani

    From Uani

  4. HEY Uani and Mele,
    Awsome podcatst I liked the part when he got the rat, I would`t
    like a Rat for a pet how about YOU.
    YOU had alot of expershion. and rats are yuck

  5. Nice work Mele and Uani I really liked your podcast about rats cool

  6. Great podcast Uani and Mele.
    You two used great expression about the book. The podcast was very interesting.Your voices were very clear and nice and strong.Hope to hear another podcast from both of you guys again.

  7. hey Uani and Mele that podcast was a really great podcast. I thought ratso was book about rats only.I got a question Why do think Steven did not listen to his parents? by lyn rm17

  8. Well done Uani and Mele on another excellent podcast. This podcast reminded me of when we met Lorraine Orman last year at the Aotea Centre and Lani got to ask her questions about Ratso. She is a very interesting author. And by the way, I hear that Room 12 no longer have pet mice. I wonder what happened to them?
    Mrs Burt

  9. Tena korua Uani and Mele
    I really enjoyed your review of Ratso. It makes a real difference when you can relate the things happening in the story to your own personal life and you did this really well. I think that when your audience gets to hear a little bit about your whanau and your life then they enjoy listening to you even more! How awesome that you are able to work with your sister who is in a different year! You both sounded relaxed and confident. Thanks, from Rebbecca Sweeney at the Ministry of Education

  10. Hey girl's,

    great podcast I really liked it keep up the great work. Nice voice's.

    The best part that I like was when he found the rat.

    From Malama.

  11. Hey there,
    I was one of the teachers visiting your school on the Apple Bus tour. You were recording this podcast when we dropped by. You're so awesome! I loved the podcast and you have inspired me to do more podcasting at my school. I was especially impressed with how professional you were at reading and recording so clearly. Brilliant!

    By Simon, North Loburn School

  12. Hi Simon Green

    Thank you for listening to my podcast
    and my sisters podcast too. That was a great coment you left there for our
    podcast Mr green. I hope you would listen to my other podcast Brave as
    with Xeneqe. Hope to see you another time Mr Green.

    From Uani

  13. hey mele and uani you podcast rock fron cousin Vaha