Monday, 3 November 2008

KPE Episode 195: "A Booming in the Night"

"A Booming in the Night" by Ben Brown On a still, quiet night, when the moon is full and the stars are winking in the sky, Pukeko is woken from her slumbering by a booming in the night. Kakapo is lonely, so Pukeko sets out to find him a friend. She meets many others but none of them want to come along to find some company for Kakapo, they’re all too busy. But who’s that peering out from behind the leaves of the forest? Perhaps Kakapo doesn’t need Pukeko’s help, for it seems – with a tumbling, blundering flap of feathers – that the booming in the night might have attracted just the right sort of company after all.
This latest podcast is the work of the students from Room 8 and they show us that 6 year olds can podcast too! Jonita and TylerMarie are the podcasters and you will be amazed at how talented they are when you listen to this episode. They know a lot about New Zealand wild life and they tell us that this is a really good book with lovely illustrations and a happy ending. Tell them what you think about their first podcast....


  1. Hi Tylermarie and Jonita that was a great first podcast and knowing that you are only year 2 you should be really proud.

    from john rm18

  2. Hey Jonita and TylerMarie that was awesome for first podcast.I think the best part I liked about the story is when the Kakapo trys to find a friend and he does.

    By Taiapa

  3. Hey TylerMarie and Jonita.
    What a cool podcast and your in Yr 2.
    Thats fantastic!
    My favourite part was at the end when
    The Kakapo finds a friend.
    What a happy ending.

    from Caprice

  4. Hi Jonita and TylerMarie that was a interesting podcast for Yr 2 students.I liked the way you spoke and the way you smiled on your pictures.

    By Taiapa

  5. Hi Tylermarie and Jontia that was a great first podcast.I like to here about new zealand animals.Thats it for today you rock.

    from metua rm18

  6. Hi Tylermarie and Jonita!

    WOW! I loved listening to your very first podcast. You both used interesting voices, and you explained what happened in the story really well. You sound like experts. I am very, very proud of both of you. Well done!

  7. hey beautiful podcast nice clear voices and a happy ending im looking foward to the next year two podcast

    beau r17

  8. Hi Tylermarie and Jonita

    I really liked the podcast it was great My favorite part was when the kakapo at last found a friend Now talk to you later.


  9. Hey Jonita and Tylermaria you did a cool podcast and you are only small.Well done

  10. Hey Tylermarie and jonita nice podcast i like it you are verry brainy i really liked it

    By Etta

  11. ohh my gosh.i loved your podcast girls, that was fantastic for your first podcast... you girls are only in year 2, and you's were awsome. i did a podcast before but i dont think i did that well. i think you's should be proud of your self's.

    from portia rm18

  12. "Nice work Tyler".I forgot your friend's name but who care's.Anyway she said pukeke during the podcast.I was laughing in my mind for a little bit.Nice work "CUZ" OH! and your friend of course.Well done to you to. You make us proud.