Wednesday, 5 November 2008

KPE Episode 196 "Brodie" by Joy Cowley

"Brodie" by Joy Cowley
Karen and Robin chose to podcast this book because they really liked it when their teacher read it to the class. In this book everyone in the class knew that Brodie was sick, but they thought he'd get better. Maybe it was because he talked a lot about being a chopper pilot. Brodie was a really talented artist as well and he shared a lot of his dreams with them through his artwork. This book
is a happy, funny, sad book that talks about how the class support a very sick friend when he is in hospital and how they cope when he passes away. We are sure you will enjoy their podcast and their discussion about how Karen felt last year when she was sick in the Starship.


  1. Hi Karen and Robin

    Great podcast girls. Brodie sounded like a very special person. It was sad to hear what happened to him, and I agree that people need to be nice to others.

    I also agree with you when you say that Jama'l is a great artist and Tiulipe is good at making people laugh. Well done.

  2. Hi Karyn and Robin,
    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast girls I remember reading this book it nearly made me cry didn't it!
    You did a really good job of retelling it and I'm glad you talked about the very important lesson that we can all learn from this story.

    Mrs Nua