Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Dad's Takeaways by Melanie Drewery

KPE Episode 145 is "Dad's Takeaways" by Melanie Drewery. Sarah has been reading this story and SharonRose is her DJ. The story is a play on words about a kiwi family on holiday at the beach. The kids want takeaways for dinner and Dad says yes. However his idea of takeaways is different from the kids. They are thinking of buying something like fish and chips or McDonald's but Dad takes them down to the beach. He knows you can take away enough kai moana from the sea to have a good feed. In the end the family enjoy getting in the water and finding food like mussels and oysters to eat. They learn that you should try things before you moan about it! We hope you enjoy this story too.


  1. Hi SharonRose and Sarah. Great podcast on Dad's Takeways. Very good expression. I throught that dad was just playing around.Can't wait for your next podcast.

  2. Hi Sharon Rose and Sarah

    Great podcast.Good expression the both of yous.I enjoyed listening to your podcast.Can't wait to hear another one.Keep it up!!!

  3. Hi Sharon Rose and Sharah

    Great podcast and get expression. That sounds great that must have been some yum kia moana.

  4. Hi Girls,
    A great podcast. Why was Sarah making Sharon Rose hungry?

    Brooke R10