Monday, 17 November 2008

KPE Episode 197: "The Cindy Limpics"

"The Cindy Limpics" by Michael Wilson
Caleb and Ibyss review a story from the School Journals. This was a story inspired by the Sydney Olympics in September 2000 and their class had been reading lots of books and stories about the Olympics in Term 3 because of the Beijing Olympics.
In this story Cindy Baxter is determined to do well at her class Olympic Games. But Cindy is accident-prone and her training sessions always seem to end in disaster.
This funny story tells us about a series of incidents that eventually wind up with Cindy (who is injured) having an Olympic event made up especially for her. We think you will like this story.
At Pt England School our students celebrated the Olympics with an Olympasifika. You can see some highlights from the opening ceremony if you click on this link.


  1. Sup
    mean podcast how do you do it
    Hope to to see you back on kpe
    see ya


  2. Hi Ibyss and Caleb.

    Great podcast on Cindy Limpics.That was a really cool book to read.The podcast was awesome as well.Hope to see and hear another podact from you guys agains.


  3. Hey Ibyss and caleb

    that podcast was really cool and the scipt you created was Awsome and the story abuot the cindy limpics. that was a good jounal. I've read that book.hope I can get to hear from you next time

    From Uani

  4. HEY u guys aowsome podcast I liked ur expershion it was good hope to see more in the future.

    From Tamika

  5. What a nice story about Cindy.It is very cool.How did Cindy know how to shot put.

  6. Great podcast Ibyss and Caleb

    I know that you both enjoyed learning about the Olympics this year, so this was a great story to talk about.

    Well done!

  7. Hey Ibyss and Caleb great podcast that was awesome.
    The best part I like about the story is when Cindy practised for the olympics.

    By Taiapa

  8. Hi Ibyss and Caleb.
    What was your favourite part of the story? Mine was when the school made an event just for Cindy.