Monday, 20 October 2008

KPE Episode 194: "The Supertastic Marvelistic Storiez and Poemz"

"The Supertastic Marvelistic Storiez and Poemz" 4 kidz by kidz! John, Tinei, Jaydn and Simone went to Auckland's North Shore to track down the authors of this book. This book is a collection of short stories and poems that have been written by students from Stanley Bay School. We had enjoyed hosting them at Pt England School last year when they came to learn about podcasting from our Year 6 students.
Their goal is
to raise money for a local cancer charity, Kenzie's Gift. We read this book and chose our favourite stories before we set out to interview the authors of the stories. It was a treat to meet the students from the 2 classes involved in this project, to hear all about how they set about writing and publishing a book, and to make a podcast for KPE with them. This podcast is different from our usual format because we are actually interviewing the authors and we have a number of people contributing to it. We have really enjoyed making the podcast and we recommend this book as an excellent read. You should go to their website and order copies of the book for yourself (- or for your school library if you are an adult). Let us know what you think of this collaborative episode in the comments below....


  1. Hey guys, Great podcast.
    I liked the part how you all interviewed a student at Stanley Bay.
    I can't wait to hear your next podcast!

    From Caprice.

  2. Hi guys,great podcast with Stanley Bay.It was a very awesome podcast.I really liked the story you guys did told.Very well done.

    From Xeneqe

  3. Hi guy's I loved it.It was fantastic good luck keep on reading that book. I like the part how you's were talking abot the book that was realy cool.

    keep up the good work.
    From Malama.

  4. Hey you kids rock! that sounded way to cool. The podcast was intereseting and we think the questions made the it even more interesting to listen to. We hope to load up our podcast (with Mrs Fale) so you can let us know what we can do better. Great qaulity room18

    room 16 kids

  5. Grey Lynn Kids Room 1622 October 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Sorry we did not put all our information on, Miss Burt will get us!...... help...... The post from room 16 comes all the way from Grey Lynn School, in Auckland!

    ROOM 18 we love the clear voice and the introduction part in you podcast.

    from Grey Lynn Kids - in room 16

  6. Hi John,Simone,Tinei and Jayden

    That was a awesome podcast! My favourite part would be all the description's of the stories. I wonder what the best story would have been?

  7. Hi Guys!
    You were awesome interviewers. We loved having you over to visit us. We are glad you enjoyed our book. We are still selling and hoping to raise more money for the charity.
    We hope you can visit us again some time!
    Rooms 10 and 11
    Stanley Bay School

  8. hey nice podcast of Stanely bay.

  9. Hey guys i cant wait to hear your guys next podcast by the way nice podacast

  10. Wow,it sounds like you had a very interesting visit to Stanley Bay, did it inspire you to want to write and publish your own bok too! What a great idea sounds like it would be a good book to read to my class, what do you think?

    Great interviewing, keep up the great work.

    Mrs Nua