Thursday, 4 October 2007

Our students teaching Teachers

Some of our students have been working hard these holidays showing teachers how to Podcast. On Wednesday October 3 Mele, Sarah, SharonRose, Leauma and Lorenz attended a conference for teachers called ULearn at Sky City in Auckland. We were in a big room along with students from 5 other schools. More than 100 teachers from schools around New Zealand came and watched what we were doing and lots of them asked our students to show them how to make a podcast or a vodcast. They were very busy for an hour and a half, but they had lots of fun AND got to eat some yummy food.
One of the teachers we made a podcast with comes from Scotland and he showed us his friend's school's podcast. His name is Ewan McIntosh and he has come to ULearn to talk to the teachers about how they can make school more exciting for us - yay!
After we had told the teachers all about podcasting went we went up the Sky Tower for a look. We even had our faces painted.


  1. Wow! Sounds like it was lots of fun guys. It was nice of you to come in during your holidays and help the teachers out. A job well done and I enjoyed the food too. See you in term 4

    Miss Lavakula

  2. Hi it's Kayla and Tiana
    We just wanted to say hello and how was your time at the skycity and did you have fun and how was your guy's food nice and was it scary doing all of that stuff in front of all the people.

    From Kayla and Tiana
    in room SEVENTEEN

  3. Hey I thought you guys did a FANTASTIC job. You all showed a willingness to help and were well prepared for us :+)

  4. We were relly lucky when we went but
    I hope that we get to go there again.
    I relly enjoyed it and but the most thing that I enjnoyed was eating the food my FAV was the cake it was so YUM that I wanted to eat somemore.

    FROM MeleV

  5. hi kayla and tiana it was a blast at the sky tower. my high light has got to be the FOOOOOD ,
    that was some food
    any ways thanks for your comment. from Leauma