Tuesday, 30 October 2007

KPE Episode 147 - "The Big Block of Chocolate"

"The Big Block of Chocolate" by Janet Slater Bottin.
A fantastic Kiwi story....
"Miss Jenny brought some chocolate, a great big block of chocolate. She said, "This block of chocolate is mine and ALL for me." But others have different ideas..... Kaiser and Joseph from Room 17 bring us this story. If you have not read this one yet you are missing a treat. It is the story of a succession of greedy creatures who try to hide away a block of chocolate so they can eat it later - all by themselves. This is a rhyming story, and this catchy tale has all the greedy creatures missing out until along comes the ant who shares the chocolate with his whanau. And oh, the delight of it! This book is a favourite with everyone who reads it. You should read it yourself!


  1. Hi Guys,
    A great podcast. Was the chocolate bigger than the boy?

    Aidan R10

  2. Hi Kaiser and Joseph,
    I enjoyed listening to your podcast. Why did the ant share the chocolate?

    Konadu R10

  3. Hi Kaiser and Joseph
    You boys did a great job of your podcast. I played it to some visitors from Palmerston North on Friday and they really enjoyed it. I hope you are going to do some more podcasts before the end of the year.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Burt

  4. I've heard that the two of you produced a very professional podcast. I'm uploading it into my iPod right now and will be listening to you in the car on the way to work tomorrow morning. Might have to make a stop at the shop to get some chocolate on the way to help me get into the story - hmmm... any excuse for chocolate!!

  5. It’s a great inspiration to me and I look forward to reading the “The Big BLock Of Chocolate” We come from Eastern Hutt School which is in Wellington. Your podcasts have inspired us to do our own podcasts. From Kaylyn and Mia-Rose.