Tuesday, 9 October 2007

KPE Episode 141 - "The Path to Ponga Pond"

This episode of KPE is presented by Kaiser and Joseph from Room 17. Kaiser has been reading "The Path to Ponga Pond" which was written and illustrated by Errol McLeary. The boys really enjoyed this story about a boy called Felix who lives on a farm in New Zealand. One hot day in Summer he decided to go for a swim and set off on his bike. Along the way he gathered up some of his friends - a pig, a duck and a frog! When they got to a steep hill they all got off the bike and worked together to push it up the hill. Then at the top they all jumped on for a fantastic, speedy, exciting ride down the hill that ended with a big SPLASH in the pond. The boys said that this was a story about how you can have lots of fun while you are helping each other. They said they really like this book. Tell us what YOU think.


  1. Hi that was a great podcast Joseph and Kaiser that was a cool book. I dont know how a boy, a pig, a goose and a frog could all sit on a bike. That must be fun going down a hill and falling in Ponga pond. Great podcast.


  2. WOW. Great expression Joseph and you too Kaiser.I would like to swim in that pond. He must of went fast. I think that was true that the author said the book is about helping each other. Anyway I liked the face on the pig. It looked like he was frightened.

  3. Hey Kaiser and Joseph awesome podcast.I think that it was a great book you choose.Both of you used good expresion and it was funny when they pushed the bike up the hill, but the best part was probably when they went down the hill.

  4. Hi boys I liked the part when they all went on the bike to the pond. That was a amazing story and podcast

    Matthew R10

  5. hey kiaser and joseph...
    u gise have a really great and clear voise...keep working hard...
    that was a really cool book...
    nice choice kaiser...

  6. Hi Joseph and Kaiser what a great podcast i hope i can do a fantastic podcast like you guys and outstanding exspression well i guss i will have to see you guys latteer From Aoina

  7. Hi guys yous did a great podcast on that book about the path to ponga pond.I thought yous were amazing'my favourite part of that book was when they were going down the hill that looked like they were haveing so much fun.

    From Rasil rm EIGHTEEN

    P/S you guys so rock