Sunday, 9 September 2007

KPE Episode 140 - "Harry Hobnail"

"Harry Hobnail and the PungaPeople" is written by Barry Crump.
Cynell has read another story about the wild and crazy PungaPeople and SharonRose is her DJ for this episode of KPE. The PungaPeople do not like humans at all and humans can not see them, only their reflection. So if humans invade their territory they had better watch out because they will play all kinds of nasty tricks on them. Harry Hobnail is a nice man who likes to go tramping in the bush. Unfortunately he chooses a place where the PungaPeople live and they do everything they can to make him leave. He doesn't know who is doing this to him and blames the Kea. Until after one bad incident he notices a green face reflected in his billy lid.... The girls know you will enjoy this story, and Cynell recommends all the PungaPeople books.


  1. Hi SharanRoses and Cynell, I really enjo listening to you guys podcast.By the way I loved the book yous choses it was great.

    From Rasil Rm Eighteen

  2. HI Children of Point England School. WOW, I came across your blog site when I was on the RED site and I just had to have a look at what you are doing with Podcasting - I was truely blown away and very impressed.
    I too am a teacher but of a Kindergarten and our children are just getting involved in using digital cameras and making their own movies. Eventially we would love to get into podcasting but we are a little unsure on how to go about it. After listing to your AMAZING presentaion on KPE I feel so much more at ease and feel that we could give it a go.
    Thank-you so much for making your podcasts available to everyone in NZ or should I say the WORLD! They are enjoyable and fun to listen to.
    Rakelle Wotherspoon
    Head Teacher
    Lumsden Kindergarten
    New Zealand

  3. Hi Sharonrose and Cynell.Great podcast and I would like to read the book.Try to speak a bit more clearer.

  4. Hi SharonRose and Cynell,I really loved listening to your podcast i thought it was great. It sounds like a good book.

    From Tanisha

  5. Hi Sharon and Cynell great podcast that looks like a funny book i cant beleave that pungapeople could be so mean to people that was really funny he ran down the moutain scared great podcast

    Matthew RM 15

  6. I really liked your podcast about Punga People. But how did Harry get there from far far away? If he gives up what will he di if it was sunset? Will he try and walk again? Bye bye for now.

    Ngawai R10

  7. Hi SaranRoses and Cynell'

    I really enjoy listning to you guys podcast I thought it was great.I thought you guys did a fantastic job.I loved the book yous choses.

    From Rasil rm EIGHTEEN