Tuesday, 1 June 2010

KPE Episode 266: "Lacey and the Drama Queens"

Hossanah and Tina from Room 16 are back in 2010 with their second podcast (remember this one in 2009?) and this time they are telling us about a book by Fleur Beale - "Lacey and the Drama Queens".

"Lacey’s got some good friends at school, but one of them, Vanessa, can be mean when she feels she’s not the centre of attention. Vanessa is certainly the leader of the drama queens. When Lacey dares to question the qualifications of their dancing tutor she experiences the silent treatment from Vanessa and most of her classmates. With Belinda, the new girl at school, she manages to turn the situation around and learns some good lessons about friends (and dancing) along the way."

You might like to check out another podcast of this book here...


  1. Hi Tina and Hossanah
    I like your podcast and hope that in the futre you can make more thanks I had a fun time been your technician
    well bye for now.

  2. Hi Hossanah and Tina,
    I liked watching your movie about your podcast.I wonder if you have you read a book called Fairy bread?
    From Sela in room10