Monday, 28 June 2010

KPE Episode 283: "Fishing for Octopus"

"Fishing for Octopus" by Feana Tu'akoi is one of the stories in a school Journal that Kobe and Logan have been reading. This story is set in Tonga and we think the title gives you a pretty good idea what the story is about! Haven't these boys done well with their first podcast!


  1. Dear Kobe and Logan,
    That was a cool podcast you did. We liked how you had lots of expression and how you used clear voices.
    From Jack and Juanita.

  2. Suitte:I like how you sang at the first bit and the last, it was really good!
    I like how you read your book review because you didn't have mistakes and read really well and I hope you will read more books for all of us. It is really good when there is two people because a person can ask you something and another person can answer it.

  3. Hello Kobe and Logan,
    My name is Luz Minaya I am a teacher from New York City. I currently teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
    Nice job on the podcast!!!! It's really nice the way you both of you shared the book review; the reporter and the interviewer.
    This is a blog that I will share with my students this coming up school year. Hope to hear from you soon!!