Tuesday, 22 June 2010

KPE Episode 280: "Boots and All"

Matthew and Joshua have chosen an Aussie book about Rugby League for this podcast.  If you are thinking this is going to be a real boys' book, then you need to listen carefully here because a MAJOR character in this story is a girl. You will be quite surprised by the twist the author,  Sherryl Clark, brings to this sporting story.
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  1. Joshua and Matthew: I enjoyed this podcast for many reasons! First of all, I think that is a very good moral for the story. Do you agree? Secondly, I like how CJ wanted to play rugby, but her brother didn't. Which would you guys prefer: to do art or play rugby? I'd really like if you left me a comment on my class blog!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. You guys did such a great job. By having a conversation with each other about the book as you told the story you made it so interesting and informative. What a creative approach. I think you guys are right about telling the truth and letting people know what you are thinking. I'm not very good about letting people know what I think all the time and it never works out for me when I don't. I hope you guys do better than I do. I hope you have a lot of fun and learn a lot this year.

  3. Hi Joshua and Matthew!!
    You all did such a wonderful job on this podcast!! I attend the University of South Alabama in the United States and just recently completed my first podcast, and I have to admit that it was not nearly has entertaining as yours!! I also enjoyed the pictures that went along with the podcast and showed the conversation between the two of you! Keep up the great work!!

  4. That is a great podcast Joshua and Matthew!I live in the United States and I do not hear many stories about Rugby. I enjoyed listening to the story and I think that there is an excellent moral to that story. Everyone should do what makes them happy. Thank you for the story!

  5. Thank you for commenting on my podcast!!
    You guys rock! I hope you enjoyed me and Matthew's podcast. It took 4 days to plan, script and record!!THANKS ONCE AGAIN.

    By JOshua

  6. Thank you for all the comments. Me and Joshua are really enjoying them. So we really loved reading them.

  7. Hi Leah,
    I hope to get time to visit your blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog!! I am very thankful! Thanks once again.

    From Joshua

  8. Hi Matthew and Joshua.
    That was a great moral to learn. It is always important to tell the truth no matter what. There has been many times for me when I was tempted to lie. Any way God Bless and good luck

  9. Hey Matthew & Joshua.
    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast about Boots and All.
    I well try to find the book in the library in the holidays for me to read.
    well friends I really liked the podcstand I well like to here a new podcast from you.Nice job Matthew and Joshua.
    From Aidan