Tuesday, 1 June 2010

KPE Episode 265: "Come Back Gizmo"

Selena and Mubasshira have chosen a book by one of Australia's favourite authors, Paul Jennings, to podcast for this next episode of KPE.  Room 17 students are reading the school library dry in their enthusiasm and are having to go on trips to the public library to get new books.  And this is one of the books they came back with!
The dog sniffs Jimmy's legs.
Jimmy sniffs the dog's legs.
The dog sniffs Jimmy's bottom.
Jimmy sniffs... aaargh.
Horrible, horrible, horrible.
It's a dog's life for Jimmy when the Gizmo gets really gross.

This is the third story in the "Gizmo" series and this one involves a mean-spirited hoodlum who - via a toilet seat getting stuck on his head - discovers compassion and becomes a hero.


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