Tuesday, 1 April 2008

KPE Episode 164 "Otto"

"Otto" by Tomi Ungerer
This is a special episode of KPE for us for two reasons.
First of all it is the first time we have podcast a book written in French!
Second it is sad to be saying 'Adieu' to M Barborin who has been working in Room 18 for a couple of months. M Barborin is a student teacher from France who has been in New Zealand for a teaching practicuum. We have loved having him at Pt England School and will sure miss him.
He gave us this book, "Otto", and helped us to understand it. We will let you listen to this podcast to find out about the book.
We know you will enjoy it.
Tinei and Jaydn
Room 18


  1. Hi Mr Barborin Tinei and Jaydn

    That was a great podcast I really hope that you come back Mr Barborin.Its like you have already made a podcast before.


  2. Bonjour Mr Barborin. For your first time doing a podcast that was great. Otto was a really interesting book by a french author.My favourite part was when Otto was returned to his rightful owner David.Otto looks like a really cool friend to have even though he is a bear. Hope you come back to PT England some day and remember to brng back snails and frog legs. From Capice,Elijah and Sam. Rm18.

  3. Bonjour Mr Barborin,Tinei and Jaydn,

    It was an amazing podcast. It was exellant podcast. I enjoyed listening to it. My favourite part was when Otto got found again. Hope you come back.


  4. Bonjour Mr Barborin,Tinei and Jayden,
    That was a really nice story.I've never read a story by a french author before,I hope I find a book by one later though.I hope we see you again Mr Barboin.But you used really nice expression all 3 of you.
    from Sela,Paulitia and Helen.Rm15

  5. Hey Tinei,Mr Barborin and Jayden.That was a awesome podcast.I have never listen to story by a french author. I really enjoy listeningto your podcast keep it up.
    from Paulitia ,Sela and Helen .Rm15

  6. Bonjour Point England. Good podcast, fortunately, Jaydn and Tinei were with me. I think Otto is one of the most famous book in Alsace's school and it has many significations for us...
    Great job, thank you for the podcast, I miss you...
    Special hello to room 18...
    Mr Barborin

  7. Nice clear voices you three.Very nice podcast Mr Barborin hope you do another one.From Beau

  8. Bonjour Mr Barborin Tinei and Jaydn
    For the first time of doing a podcast!!!That was a good podcast.
    I am hoping that you come back to Pt England school Mr Barborin.Otto was a really interesting book by a french author.My favourite part was when Otto returned to his rightful owner david.Thats why I liked the podcast.Great first time!!!

    Shyarn Room17

  9. Hi Jayden,Tinei and mr Barborin
    Great podcast I really injoyed it.The three of you all had great exspresion.mr barborin I hope you come back to pt england for a visit and make another podcast.

    From Jordan.L
    Room 17

  10. Hi this was a good story about the Teddy Bear hero because he saved the world

  11. Hey,guys great podcast about Otto I liked it.It souned great.

  12. Hi mr Barborin Tinei and jaydn

    Great podcast i really hope the teddy is all right. when you guys do a podcast again I really hope to lisin to it.

    by Omni room15

  13. Hey Mr Barborin,tinei and jaydan

    that podcast that i have been listening too was so amazing i hope the teddy bear never got hurt again. Mr barborin i would do anything for you to come back to pt england school.and bring otto with you just kidding tenei what an interresting book that you guys had podcast.

    By Jacob
    In room 15

  14. WOW Tinei and Jaydn your podcast was outstanding. I really liked the way you made it sound like a real conversation by using good expression and asking interesting questions. Mr Barborin for your first podcast you sounded like a pro.

  15. bonjour mr barborin tinei and jadyn

    wow i hope that you make another podcast soon because i want to hear the other adventures of otto.

    from Leoden

  16. NICE! podcast MR barborin it was very nice to have you here that french book was really cool i've never heard of a french book before all of you guys will do another one SEYA

  17. Hi Jaydn and Tinei

    Great podcast I liked the expression you put into it. I really liked Mr Barborin in our class aswell I learned a lot of french. Otto was a awsome book to.


  18. (clap clap clap clap) WOW Mr baborion Tenei and JAYDAN that podcast was just really sad.Otto must be sad but
    wow a teddy bear actully saved a Human i wish that happend to me.

  19. That was a great podcast Tinei and Jaydn i loved listening to your latest podcast i heard it was a french book it looks like intresting book from Teinakura

  20. Hi Tinei,Jaydn and Mr Barborin,

    Great podcast I really enjoyed how you guys expressed yourselfs it was fantastic and I liked the way you guys spoke it was really clear and I hope you come back Mr Barborin we really miss you.