Monday, 14 April 2008

KPE Episode 166 "Mere McKaskill's Boil-Up"

"Mere McKaskill's Boil-Up" by Tracy Duncan.
This wonderful picture book is reviewed by Tiulipe and Keletiola from Room 17. They tell us about the story AND about eating a "boil-up".
In this book Mere McKaskill goes shopping to buy the ingredients for cooking a boil-up. By the time she finishes her shopping she not only has all the food she needs but she also seems to have invited everyone in the neighbourhood home to eat it with her! You will even find a recipe for boil-up in the book.
We know you will enjoy hearing Tiulipe and Keletiola talk about the book. If you want to find out more about the author you could click here.
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  1. WOW Tulupe and keletiola that podcast that i have just hurd was really magnifficent and amazing.Mere Mckaskill's boil-up is an interesting i hpe you guys buy me a book like that just Time i see another podcast with you two on i will be pleased to here it

  2. Cool tulupe and keletiola that podcast was really amazing. boil-up is really yum with all of that heathly food i cant wait to hear your next podcast bye for now

  3. WOW Tiulipe and Keletiola great story a boil-up already sound's nice for me.The best part about the story for me is when she cook's.Some day I would like to be a chef! Great expression as well Tiulipe and Keletiola.Can you please tell me in the libary where you got that book so I can read that magnificent story.
    Bye for now

  4. Hi Ala its me Keletiola and Tiulipe.Thanks for the comment you wrote there.Thanks anyway

    Bye for now

  5. Great podcast girls. That was really awesome and interesting. There were some really amazing facts and nice smiling faces to see. We loved the part when Mere cooked up the boil-up because it sounds delicious. Can't wait to hear more podcasts from you both.

    Caprice, Colin and Elijah

  6. hi Tilupe and Kalitiola

    WoW amazing podcast. I like the part
    when Mere Makilly made the boil up and I also liked it when all of the visitors who came.My favourite one was the fruit that the flower man came with.
    Bye for now.

  7. Hi Keletiola and Tiulupe,
    That was a really good podcast. That story made me really hungry!! The boil up must of been pretty big to have to feed that many people!I might be able to get that book from the national libary.I wonder if there's another book about Mere McKasill.I'm looking forward to your next podcast.

  8. Hey Tiulipe and Keletiola great podcast.I would love to read the book.He Keletiola I love the way you talk you spoke really clear and loud.WOW Tiulipe you were a wonderful DJ.Kele I would to hear another podcast.Hey girls keep up the woderful work...

    Thank You Lyn