Monday, 14 April 2008

KPE Episode 165 "Charlotte Frisbee and the Slime Attack"

"Charlotte Frisbee and the Slime Attack" by Sally Sutton is a new book in the Kiwi Bites series. This book has been reviewed by one of our young readers, Litia, who is in Room 11. She is 7 years old. She asked her big sister Tinei to be her DJ for her first podcast. We know you will love this one!
This is what the publisher says about the book on their website:
"Charlotte Frisbee is the president of a secret club called PAWS (the Perfectly Amazing Word Society). Along with the other members of PAWS – super-brain Podge, extra-serious Bugsy and freaky-looking Simon – the big excitement of Charlotte's week is getting the club together for word games and general language silliness. That is, until one day when strange things start to happen around the school. What has caused the stinky green slime the kids have noticed around the place? And who stole the S's from the school sign and ripped the S section out of Pugsy's dictionary? Charlotte and her friends strongly suspect the Bookbashers . . . but are they really smart enough to plan such a direct attack on what PAWS loves the most? Soon the cause of the mysterious circumstances is revealed . . . and who would have thought that such a sweet little slime monster could have caused so much confusion?"
Listen to Litia and Tinei and tell us what you think. They would love to hear from other people who have read this book too.


  1. Wow! Litia and Tinei that was a great podcast, I love listening to my little sisters. That book sounded like a really cool book to read, I was waiting for the ending but then you didnt tell me so I willjust have to read it myself.
    Awesome podcast cant wait to hear more.

  2. Hey Litia and Tinei what was that book you guys have been reading oh i now now that Tenei that book that Litia was reading on was relly lovly and amazing and you two i can't wait to here another podcast with you two on it cause you two are really ggood at it also for a year 3


  3. That was an amazing podcast. that was cool how you and your sis could do a podcast you guys mast be very intalagint

  4. WOW* Litia and Tinei nice podcast your little sister is very good i think she might be better than me . you two must had a lot work to do. hope you two can do another one soon bye for now

  5. Hi guys great podcast. Litia it sounds like you have allready done a podcastbefore. I think youre even better some other pepole in the senior school. I think it is beter sisters doing a podcast together. Keep up the good work.


  6. WOW! Litia and Tinei that podcast you did was so great, Litia for a year 3 you were outstanding I think you are better then me and for to sisters doing a podcast it was even better.


  7. Hay Tinei and Litia,

    Awsome podcast. Great expresion and a year 3 doing a podcast WOW!!!Loving sisters doing a podcast together.How caring.Well can't wait for another one.Keep up the good work.


  8. Great job Litia and Tinei.
    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I might have to read that book in the holidays to find out the ending.
    Ms Squires

  9. 'O' for awesome my beautiful girls! You were both clear and professional - you must have very onto it parents, oh and teachers too! Anyway keep up the great work, and make sure you empty the dishwasher when you get home. Love Dad

  10. Hey girls, great podcast.
    This book sounds really interesting and I like the name of the club. Litia you are a star just like your big sister, and I am really amazed at the way you used good expression to make the podcast sound excellent.

    Mrs Lagitupu.

  11. THAT WAS A REALLY COOL podcast you and your sister has been reading day i wish i could do a podcast like you two wow.that book looks really interesting keep it up.and i like the name of the club.These are 3 word to celebrate your story magnificent Fantastic and
    super star

    faka Lofa Lahi Ato

  12. That was a really good podcast Tinei and Litia.I wish i could read that book and do a podcast about it.

    Hey litia can you tell me where you found that book!!!!

    Shyarn room 17

  13. Hi Tenei & Litia
    I like the bit when they find the slimy old monster. The monster looked like a baby monster but I think it was made out of rubbish.By the way did it have one eye or two? I wonder what happend at the end of the story well I have to read myself.

  14. Hey girls that was a really great podcast.I would love to read the book one day. Litia you had a really loud and claer voice for a year3.Litia I hope I could listen to a other of your podcast.

    Form Lyn

  15. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for all of this feedback. I remember reading this book. I hope you can check out some of my other podcasts, now that I am a year 6.Thanks again.