Sunday, 30 March 2008

KPE Episode 163 "Nightmare"

"Nightmare" by Elizabeth Pulford is reviewed by Jordan with Jama'l as his DJ. Jordan has also drawn this graphic to enhance his podcast.
In this story a group of boys try to keep a girl out of their club by making a rule that you can only belong if you have short hair. Cindy has a lovely long plait and so they think that will fix her. Of course it doesn't! She gets out a pair of scissors - and I think you can guess what happens next.
The boys have a bit of a chat in this podcast about the Niuean custom of the oldest son keeping his hair long. Anyone who knows Jordan will understand why this came up in the conversation. Have a listen to the podcast as Jordan explains what it is all about.


  1. What an awesome podcast Jordan and Jamal. Nightmare is a really interesting story. That picture was amazing and there was so much detail. Good expresion and heaps of information about your culture and the book. I'm looking forward to your next podcast.


  2. Great podcast Jama'l and Jordan.

    I loved it. It sounded great. I think its ok if girls join a boys club. Can't wait to hear your next podcast. By Taiapa rm18

  3. To Jordan and Jamal,

    Great podcast. I enjoyed listening to it. Good expresion, but I think that both of you need to speak a bit louder. I might try and read that book myself. Can't wait for another one.

    From Tanisha rm18

  4. Hi Jordan and Jamal

    Great podcast and great expression, I could not believe what that girl would do to get in a club. I am going to try get that book for myself. Can't wait till your next podcast.

    Matthew Rm 18

  5. That was a great podcast you guys did that was very strange how cindy cut her hair after the boys had said that you have to have short hair to be in the club.As soon as I heard your podcast it made me want to read book.

    By Ramona:)

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  7. Great podcast guys. you both had good voices and great photos. you both have improved from your last podcast. Great work and cant wait to see more!!!
    From Caprice.

  8. What an awesome podcast! You both had great expression and used some very descriptive words. Cant wait to hear more podcasts from you both!!!

  9. Hey Jamal and Jordan

    I think you have done a very good
    I really want to read that book.
    That book looks quite intresting - I really liked the book you have read .
    That was a really nice podcast.
    Keep it up.

    By Mubasshira

  10. Hi Jamal and Jordan
    nice story you read I really liked you having confidence in yourselves. Jordan
    you are a good story teller.

    From Jarna Rm 12

  11. Nice podcast Jordan and Jamal. That was an interesting book and cool picture's they are very detailed.

    By Sam rm 18

  12. Listening to your podcast has made me want to get your reviewed book and read it.I am curious to find out what is going to happen next.
    I liked the way you both brought in real experience around Jordan's cultural traditions. Your questions were really well thought out Jamal and Jordan - you explained the traditon around hair-cutting really clearly.How proud you must feel being the oldest boy in a Niuean family and the hair cutting ceremony sounds very special.
    You both spoke clearly and you were very articulate (that is a word to look up in the dictionary).You really got me hooked on the story and I wanted to hear more.Can't wait to listen to your next podcast. Well done!

    Mrs Bush

  13. hey jamal and jordan nice podcad cst.I wish i could read that book somedday and do such a brilliant podcast like that!!!

    shyarn room 17

  14. Hey Jordan and Jamal nice podcast hope you do another one.from Beau

  15. To jamal and jordon

    Cool podcast

    from super synergy

  16. Great podcast Jordan and Jamal.I love it. It sounds intreresting.
    from Uluaki

  17. to jordan and jamal
    cool podcast.I liked it. I cant wait until you post up another one.

    from kingston.L

  18. Hey boys I really enjoyed listening to your podcast it was so clear what the story was about. One day I would like to read the book you podcast.The picture one of you drew were so amazing who ever drew it must be a really good drawer.The way you two boys were talking was clear i could hear everthing you wre saying. Ihope you could aother podcast.See you next time.

  19. heY jamal and jordan cool podcast. love it . hope you do another one from jamal

  20. hey jamal and jordan. love your podcast. i wish i could do a podcast like that. hope you do another podcast. from jamal

  21. Hi Jordan and Jamal i really like listening to your podcast. I Think you done really well. You had heaps of details. Also you two boys had good expresion. I just figured out why you had such long hair your. I can't wait to hear your next podcast.


  22. To Jamal and Jordan great podcast I can't wait to see your new hair and I can't wait to hear your next podcast.

    From Tanielu

  23. Hi Jamal Hi Jordan. I just heard your podcast and i liked it. I dont know why your too chicken to cut a girls hair. If i was a islander i would cut off my hair as a kid but that was a amazing book Jamal and Jordan. And i liked your podcast. from Campbell.

  24. Hey jordon and jama'l that podcast was so amazing i could not have bevelive that that was a nightmare book i hate nightmares because they scear me and i hope yous do another podcast BYE

  25. Great podcast jamal and jordan that sound really fun to read think you can get me a copy of nightmare just jocking nice talking to you bye for now. from sione

  26. Hey!

    Great podcast you two I really enjoyed listening to it I think I might head down to the library and check it out for myself.Anywa awesome podcast!