Monday, 14 April 2008

KPE Episode 167 "Fiapule"

"Fiapule" by Catherine Hannken is reviewed by Paulitia and Sela from Room 15. These girls are year 5 students and they give us some very interesting ideas about family, culture and different ways of doing things as they talk about the book.
Fiapule is invited to his best friend Liam's birthday party, and he really, really wants to go. But there is a problem. The party is on the same day as his sister's christening, and his family won't let him go. Fiapule is taught about fa'a Samoa and learns that sometimes you have to put your family first. You can find out more about this author by clicking here.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about this. What would your family have said if you were invited to Liam's party?


  1. Hey sela and paulitea what an amazing podcast fiapule must be sad because his mum said no when he ask if he was aloud to go to liams b,day.When Fiapule tryed to ask liam about what his mum said he'll alwas but in.Also that book you guys have been was a book that i hve already read.


  2. Hi sela paulitea
    when you guys do a podcast again i hope to see it

    se ya

  3. Hi sela and paulitea what a very cool podcast you have done. You two have must of work very hard . I like the story because you told a lot of detail to and i cant wait to hear your guy's next one bye

  4. WOW great podcast girls. I would be angry to if I was not alowed to go to my friends birthday but I guess I would have to go to church to. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Paulitia and Sela,

    That was a really cool story about Fiapule.Can you tell me what was your favourite part?
    My favourite part was when Liam told Fiapule that he was invited to his birthday but it was sad when Fiapule's mum and dad said no for him to go to the birthday.

    Well bye for now see you later.

  6. Hi Sela and Paulitia
    What a great podcast Paulitia.
    I really liked the story you read.
    You two must of worked so hard with that podcast.
    I really liked the story because you gave us lots of detail.
    I would be angry if my mum or dad did not let me go to my friends birthday party.


  7. Hi Sela and Paulitia
    cool podcast I really
    like the part when
    Liam came into his house
    with a choclate cake.
    I really like the way
    you worked together
    as a team. I can't
    wait until your next one.


  8. Hi Sela and paulitea

    That story was really cool.It was your Sisters birthday - wow you got in trouble? You must have been sad Sela. Paulitia you are a good reader I like your podcast.

    From Seini-Mino

  9. Hi Sela and Paulitia.

    Wow that was a wonderfull podcast that you did.I am wondering how long did that podcast take? I really enjoyed that story about Fiapule.If you make another podcast I will love to hear it. Great job.

    From Shaelyn

  10. Hi Sela and Paulitea

    That was a really good podcast.
    I would of felt angry too if I couldn't go to my friend's birthday!
    I'm looking forward to your next podcast.That was a good book that you read.You must of taken a long time for you to practise!

    From Toreka.

  11. Hey Sela and Paulitea what an amazing podcast!!!!I am older than you and you done a podcast before me..Fiapule must be sad because his mum said no when he asked if he could go to Liams birthday.When Fiapule tryed to ask Liam about what his mum said he'll always but in.Also that book you guys read was awesome.I wish I could read that book

  12. Hi Sela and Paulitia,
    You have done a reat job. I am so proud of you. Isn't it interesting how Fiapule started to feel sick when he was worrying so much about not being able to go to the party, but talking about it and getting things sorted out with his Mum and Dad made him feel better. Must remember that.
    Anyway I can't wait to hear your next one. I'm waiting in eager anticipation.
    Good job
    Ms Squires

  13. Hey Sela and paulitia,
    Great podcast.I would be sad if I was not alowed to go to my friends birthday.You guys sounded great.I hope I hear your next podcast.

    Destiney M

  14. hi sela and paulitia,
    That was an amazing podcast.paulitia and sela your voices are so clear I think that is how it was meant to know I would feel sad if i did'nt get to go to my friends birthday party.But just like you said family always comes first.Interesting story I hope you do another podcast i am looking forward to your next podcast.
    from helen

  15. Jacob and Sione8 May 2008 at 9:26 am

    Hey Sela and Paulitia I loved your podcast it was used your
    expression really.liam looked liked he was really excited about his party on sunday i think saturday.


  16. Hey Sela and Paulitia that was a cool pocast use have done.When i lisent to the podcast i remember that i keep on asking my mum can i sleep over my cousens house and she said i have to sleep at my own house cause i have to
    go church.Then i did sleep for church.

  17. Great Podcast Sela & Paulitia!!!

    Awesome expression & great way at getting the mesage across to everyone. Cant wait till your next PODCAST but again great effort put into your podcast!

    From Sam:)

  18. Hey Sela and Paulitia

    What a fantastic story and podcast! I think that many people have been in a situation like this before where you have to make a tough decision.

    I'm really glad that it worked out for the best and that Fiapule listened to his parents. You can pick your friends but your family will always be there for you. You girls both did a fantastic job!

    Mrs Lagitupu