Sunday, 9 December 2007

KPE Episode 155 - "The Donkey Man"

'The Donkey Man' by Glyn Harper is another ANZAC story.
Kelvin from Room 17 has been reading this book and Leauma is his DJ.
This story is told from the viewpoint of a donkey. This donkey was taken to Gallipoli to carry
supplies to the soldiers fighting in World War 1 and they carried wounded soldiers back to the hospital boats. It was a really hard life for the soldiers and the donkeys. They were in danger from the guns shooting at them and from the heat and bad food. The donkeys had another problem too - if they had a cruel man looking after them they were treated very badly. The donkey man in the story had a cruel man looking after him, but after a while things changed and he had a new donkey man. He was a New Zealand soldier called Richard Henderson. He was really kind to the donkey and together they saved lots of soldiers lives. We know you will love this story and it will help you to understand ANZAC Day a bit better too. Tell us what you think...

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  1. that is a veary interesting book about the donkey man and the anzacs