Tuesday, 25 March 2008

KPE Episode 161 "The Christmas Caravan"

" The Christmas Caravan" by Jennifer Beck.
Tamika is back with her first podcast for 2008 and she has invited Sam, one of her new classmates in Room 18, to be her DJ for this episode. Tamika tells us all about the book and Sam gives us some tips on recycling as part of the podcast.
This is the story of Simon and his mother who live in a caravan park on the outskirts of town. They do not have a lot of money, but this Christmas something special happens for them. And isn't that what should always happen at Christmas?
Simon sees a competition in the newspaper for decorating your house and he asks his mother if they could decorate their caravan and enter. They have a lot of fun using recycled materials to make their caravan look very Christmassy. Although they can't compete against the flash houses and their lights, they do get a special prize from the mayor. He tows their caravan to the beach so they can enjoy a typical New Zealand holiday at the beach in their caravan! Some more good things happen for Simon and his Mum too, but as Tamika says, you should get hold of the book and read it for yourself!


  1. Hi Sam and Tamika great podcast. You both had wonderful clear voices and Sam you used great expression.That podcast was so cool and I am looking forward to your next one!!!!!

  2. Hi

    Tamika and Sam that was a great podcast. I should really get that book for myself. You guys must be experts at podcasting because you guys used a lot of expression. You two make a really good podcasting team together.
    I just really hope you two make another podcast together and that story was really intresting too.

    John rm18

  3. Hi Tamika and Sam
    nice podcasting I like the way you read the story nice and clear so we can hear you. What's the award Simon got?

  4. jarna you can go to thge school libray and find the book and you will find out

  5. Hi Sam and Tamika,
    Cool podcast.You 2 are very good at podcasting together.The story sounded interesting and I liked the caravan.Good voices and expression.
    Destiney and Kezia

  6. Hi Tamika and Sam.........

    Nice podcast.I knew what it would be all about because i have read that book and it is awesome!!!!
    You guys had beautiful clear voices.
    Looking forward to your guys next podcast!!!

    Shyarn Room17

  7. Hey Tamika and Sam.....

    Nice podcast there you two that was just brilliant.I really want to read that book and just a brilliant podcast just like you two.You's nice clear voices.

    You two were great!!!!

    Shyarn Room17

  8. Hey Sam and Tamika lovely podcast . I really enjoyed listening to your great podcast.One day I would love to read the book.The way you two were talking was so great you both used wonderful expression. I am so looking forward to listening to your next podcast.It was so cool the story was great.

  9. Hi leiuma and kelvin. I liked your podcast. It seemed interesting when i heard about your podcast. Its crazy that Janice Marriote makes a book about a eyeball. I was laughing when you said lier lier pants on fire. you and kelvin must of worked hard on that podcast. The whole school was so proud of yous too. Even MrBurt and Misses Burt. Keep up the good work mates.

  10. Hi sam and tamika beutiful podcast.I really like that book that you podcast good choice.I really Enjoyed and admire your story.Plus I love your clear voices they sound wonderful.In the story my favourite part was how the mayor came and they rewarded them.I am really looking foward to your next podcast and I hope you podcast another story like that and that story is so iunteresting it was so interesting that I think that I am going to have a succeccful day today
    Helen Tui room15

  11. Hey Tamika and Sam,
    Way to go on your amazing podcast. It is me Sarah Tuia. I am really happy with your podcast
    Sarah from Pakuranga Int.

  12. Tena Korua e Sam raua ko Tamika, pai rawa atu ou korua korero e pa ana te pukapuka Christmas Caravan.


    Na te whanau Wikohika-Tipene.

  13. hey evreyone thanks for all your coments keep them coming yours senserialy SAM AND TAMIKA