Sunday, 30 March 2008

KPE Episode 162 " Skitterfoot Leaper"

"Skitterfoot Leaper" by Barbara Else
Wayjo and Elijah bring us this podcast about a book with a very strange name. It is about a girl called Lindsay, and when her parents are having problems she is sent to stay with her Aunty Jen.
She meets a strange alien creature, a bit like a cat, and they pass through a waterfall and visit a Winter world. Wayjo tells us that this is a book about friendship and helping others. Have a listen and tell them what you think.


  1. Nice podcast Wayjo and Elijah. Great expresion. I liked the picture of the possum. This story sounds really interesting. Keep up the good work and I cant wait to hear your next podcast guys.


  2. Cool podcast Wayjo and Elijah. What a weird creature. You both had very clear voices and great expression


  3. Nice podcast Wayjo and Elijah it is a very cool story and what a funny cat and are you guy's learning about possum's? You must know heap's about possum's.

  4. Hi Elijah and Wayjo I really liked your podcast. I guess you know a lot about possums. Tell me what was your favourite part of the story?

    You two had really clear voices.You really read a lot Wayjo. You two are really good at reading. Also I really liked the book that you chose.

    Selena Room 12

  5. Hi there Elijah and Wayjo I really like your podcast.That look's really interesting and that creature look's scary but has cute eyes.

    I really like the way you used experisson .Are you guy's learning about possum's?

    Keep up the great work.I really like the book that you guy's chose and read. From Ala

  6. Hi Elijah and Wayjo.
    Nice podcast you guy's, you're really good at reading books. Wayjo good effort.
    In the story you read it's the right
    level for you and keep the good work

    From Jarna.

  7. Hey Wayjo and Elijah beautyful podcast i hope i see another one on here again.from Beau

  8. Hey Wayjo and Elijah.
    Nice podcast and great expresion.I liked the pitcure of the possum.This story sounds really interesting.

    Shyarn Room 17

  9. Hey Elijah and Wayjo that book there you wrer podcasting sounds really amazing one day I would love to read the book.When you were talking it was so clear I understood everything you two were saying I really enjoyd listeningto your podcast Done by Lyn

  10. Nice and fantastic podcast Elija and Wayjo.The Possum i saw on the picture was so cool that story sounds really interesting and well read.Wayjo and Elijah i hope i can listen to another podcast with you two.keep up the good work

    By Jacob
    In room 15