Saturday, 8 March 2008

KPE Episode 160 " The Short Division of the WSS : Case Two"

"The Short Division of the World Secret Service - Case Two: Stolen Children" by Robin Kerr.
This is the second book in the series and Tinei read it during the school holidays and Simone is interviewing her about it. We hope all our blog readers have listened to the podcast before this and have caught on that this is a series we are talking about here. And if you are following the comments you will see that the author has told us a bit more about it too.

In this book Lucie and Rodney are back on the case.
Lucie and her best friend, Rodney, have been officially made agents for the Short Division of the World Secret Service. The World Secret Service resolves dangerous situations threatening the world. The Short Division is responsible for solving the Service’s cases that involve young people.

During Case One: Bobblings, they discovered Lucie’s mother hadn’t died in a car accident years ago, but had been kept as a prisoner all that time. She is undergoing counseling to help her recover from her her terrible experience. Lucie and her family are waiting anxiously for their mother’s return.

Meanwhile, toy company’s websites are being attacked with a virus that paralyzes them. At each attack, a code is left behind. Lucie and Rodney are assigned the case. They have to discover if the virus author is teasing his victims by leaving behind a calling card—or whether the codes are a call for help. At the same time, homeless aid organizations are reporting street children are disappearing. Is it possible the two events are related?

Using their many talents Lucie and Rodney discover where the attacks are coming from. They have to do international travel, rock climbing and a carry out a terrifying underground race before a wicked man’s plans can be stopped.

At Pt England School we really appreciate both the talent and the support of Robin Kerr. First she writes stories we enjoy reading. Second she actually listens to our podcasts and reads our blog! You should read these books too - they are cool!


  1. That podcast was so cool Tinei and Simone because I have never heard a podcast like that.It sounds like you two have done a good job and it sounds like you two had a great time doing your podcast!!!!!

    From Shyarn Room 17

  2. Hey Tinei and Simone that was a great podcast.It was really cool to hear you read and answer questions Tinei. I really enjoyed it.One day I would love to read that stroy for SSR.The story you podcast was really great.You should podcsat aother story because when you were reading you were raeding so loud and cleary I had to trun the volume down.I think that what you did was really fantsatic. Well done that was a great job

  3. Simone and Tinei,

    My Mum (who lives in Wellington) told me tonight that you had podcasted Case Two, so I just sat down and listened to it. You've done another great job! One of the things I'm supposed to do as a writer is explain my stories in just a few sentences, but I'm useless at it - I take far too long to explain everything, but you two did it very well. I'm so glad you're enjoying the series. I'll mail over Case Three as soon as it's published - and you've made me think I should work harder on Case Four. It's coming along, but very slowly. It's written in Lucie's voice (first person), so it's a little different for me.
    In the mean time, keep up the wonderful reading and podcasting and I'll have to see if I can fit a robotic dog into one of the books somewhere.

  4. Hi Robin
    its Tinei and Simone .Thank you so much for the wonderful comment we can't wait for case three and four. If possible could my robot dog please be called Jess.We are looking forward to the next series

  5. Hi Tinei and Simone what a wonderful podcast and funky pictures and graphics can't wait for your next podcast!!

    From Ramona:)

  6. Hey,Simone and Tinei nice work on the podcast I really liked it.Why did someone take those people? I really liked this podcast can't wait for the next case.


  7. Hi Simone and Tinei! What an exciting story. Children being kidnapped and then rescued by children. Climbing through mountains alone! Wow!! Yes there sure sounds like a lot of rockclimbing. I got to see you rockclimbing in the video Miss King brought back to school. I do hope other children will read the book you made a podcast for! Looking forward to your next podcast.

  8. Hey Simone and Tinei.
    I really like what you have readed.
    It looks like quite an interesting read.
    It is a very cool Podcast.
    I really enjoyed it.
    The story you have read was a very good story.
    I have never heard of such a great story like that.
    It looks like you two had a great time doing that podcast.
    You two have done a very great job.

    I really like that story.
    Story by: Robin kerr.
    Keep that work up.
    By Mubasshira.

  9. Hi Tinei and Simone,

    That was an awesome podcast,I'm looking forward to your next podcast!I think you both should receive a medal for that. You two are
    very good at podcasting.Robin Kerr sure is a good author!
    Bye for now!

  10. Hi Tinei and Simone.

    I really like your podcast because it was in detail and interesting for me.There was a lot of rockcliming in that story.I think it will be scary going on a plane with out your parents.

    Well that was a great story and podcast too. I liked it so much.It got me very interested and I wonder it thir is another bit to the story.Your podcast was very good.Kids getting kidnapped that will be so scary.I wonder it you can do another podcast like that?

    And I wonder how long did it take to finish that wonderful podcast?
    I really liked that story about The Short division of the world secret service by Robin kerr.I really enjoyed it.Well done the two of you keep it up.
    From Shaelyn.

  11. Hey, its Taiapa great podcast Tinei and Simone I really liked it.It was great.

  12. Hey Simone and Tinei. That podcast was really amazing i like it because it was really interesting.You must of done a lot of hard work for that.You two must be really good at podcasting.Cant wait to here your next podcast guys