Thursday, 21 February 2008

KPE Episode 159 " The Short Division of the World Secret Service"

"The Short Division of the World Secret Service - Case One: Bobblings" by Robin Kerr.
This is a podcast we have all been waiting for. Robin Kerr sent us her books just before the Xmas break and some of our students took them away for a read while on their long Summer holiday. Simone read this book and tells Ramona all about it. They also drew a few pictures in Photoshop to enhance this podcast.

There are three books in this exciting series, and in Case One Lucie Lakewood and her best friend Rodney Keino start a new life as agents for the World Secret Service when a secret code arrives in the mail. They use cyber-tracking, wit, fast running and huge brains to discover the lure of the ugly Bobblings. Like all good secret agent stories they have to save the world from a mad villain.

Simone says it is a really exciting story to read and also has a message for the readers; even if you're young, you can still do the right thing and make a difference. At Pt England School we talk a lot about 'doing the right thing', so it is pretty cool to think that Robin Kerr seems to think it is important too.

There are two more books in this series, so keep visiting this blog because we'll be podcasting the next one soon.

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  1. Simone and Ramona,

    I just listened to your pod cast about The Short Division of the World Secret Service. I was really impressed with your take on the book. You did a fantastic job of summing it up - which isn't easy with a chapter book.

    And it was so weird you mentioned Spy Kids. I went to see that movie when my son was younger and was horrified because I had just sent in my manuscript to my publisher and they were going to think I had copied it from the movie! But as it progressed I realized it was more about gadgets and crazy vehicles (which are fun, no doubt) but Lucie and Rodney were more about solving problems with their brains and their own abilities. I base the cases on situations I've heard about in real life (often on the radio news) and Lucie and Rodney are only allowed real tools.

    Oh - and the drawings you did are brilliant!

    Thank you so much for reviewing the book. I've sent in the third to my publisher so hopefully I'll be able to send you a copy soon. And the good news is, Lucie and Rodney have two more cases to solve after that - there will be FIVE books altogether!

    Keep up the wonderful reading and reviewing you are doing!

    All the best from Robin.

  2. Great effort kids

  3. Hi Simone and Ramona.
    I've just listened to your cool podcast. I think that you both used good expression. I liked the part when Lucy found out that she wasn't the only girl. Good job guys. Can't wait to hear your next podcast.

  4. Hi Robin Kerr,

    Thanks for your lovely comment.A really long one too. Thank you for sending us your book. It was an awesome book.I really like the way that Rodney and Lucie were brave enough to go and search for Lucie's mum. That Rodney eh he must be one good friend of lucie.Thanks again for the great book.I hope you enjoy the next podcast coming up.

    By Ramona.

  5. Hey Robin Kerr,

    Thank you for your nice comment that you sent to Ramona and myself. I loved the book that you gave to us, it was great and very exciting to read. My favourite part of the book was when Luice found her mum, when she actually thought she died.
    Thanks for the amazing book.


  6. Hi Simone & Ramona,
    Great job you two! I think you've made an exciting story sound exciting! Well done. -You've obviously done well if the author is pleased.
    I'm very proud of you both.
    Thanks for your hard work.

    Mr Burt

  7. Sounds exciting. I would LOVE to have a go!

  8. Hey Ramona and Simone,
    I have just listened to your BEAUTIFUL podcast of Division of the World Secret Service. You did a great job.I would love to hear another podcast from you two.

    It was weird that it sounded like spy kid but with more characters.You have made me want to read that book when I
    finished listening to it,because it sounded like you had GREAT fun reading it.

    whoooops-I forgot your drawings were
    BRILLIANT!Soon you will have to teach me how to draw (joking)Keep up the fantastic reading and reviewing you are doing

    from a student at p.e.s. Jacob Room15

  9. Hey Simone and Ramona,
    I have finally had a chance to listen to your podcast and really loved it, well done. You both spoke clearly and with wonderful expression and really made me want to read this book.
    I'm really impressed that you managed to read it during your holidays too.
    Brilliant graphics, a great plot summary and it sounds this book has a great theme.
    Do you think my class would enjoy this story?
    What a great start to Podcasting for the year- well done girls.

    Mrs Nua

  10. Hey that was a lovely podcast.One day I would like to read the book. You talked really clearly and I understood everything you said.The story you podcast was so wonderful I couldn't stop listening to your podcast.Simone you looked really exited when you where going to say what the story was about. I really loved your story.Well done
    By Lyn Rm17

  11. Simone and Ramona,
    I just listened to your podcast The Short Division of the World Secret Service it was just so amazing!!!!

    it was really cool
    shyarn room17

  12. I have just listened to your podcast and it was awesome you had great expression and beautiful smiles it really does sound like a good read. I can't wait for your next one

  13. Hi Simone & Ramona
    I was very proud of your podcast. I showed it to an International Education Researcher. She thought it was amazing. The people I showed liked your great expression and especially liked the diagrams and pictures you included, which showed how well you understood the plot.

    Well done you two.
    You really rock!
    Mr. Burt

  14. Hey guys great podcast it sounds great.Simome was this the first case?

  15. Wow Ramona and Simone
    That was an awsome podcast that you 2
    did. I think that was a good book to podcast on. I also wonder if spy kids could be real,that would be so cool, we would have heroes to save us from bad things.I would love to do a really cool podcast like this one.
    Sela room15.