Friday, 30 November 2012

KPE Episode 448: The ANZAC Button

Faa'ao is a year 6 from room 17, who has recently interviewed one of her classmates Ane about The ANZAC Button by Judy Raymond.

" A long time ago, the button had been important. 
It was sewn carefully onto a khaki jacket 
and polished until it shone. 
Its shiny surface reflected the soldier's pride 
as he marched on parade"

Ella's grandfather was too a veteran of war and had once worn the khaki jacket and ANZAC button in battle. It in fact saved his life as a piece of shell hit him, but luckily hit the button first and bounced off. If it weren't for the button Ella realises she would not have been here today.

In memory of her Great Grandfather Ella wore his button on the parade once again.

April the 25th, marks the date when New Zealand and Australian troops landed in Gallipoli during the first World War, it was a very significant battle in both New Zealand and Australia. Every year on the 25th April we remember these soldiers who fought for our country and Dawn parades are held all over the country in honor if them.

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