Tuesday, 27 November 2012

KPE Episode 444: Blessu

Zyrin and Timoteo are both year 6 students in room 17. Timoteo had recently finished a book called Blessu by Dick King Smith and illustrated by Adriennne Kennaway To find out more about this book Zyrin interviewed him for some insight on what happens

When someone sneezes people around them normally respond by saying 'Bless you' right ?
So when a baby elephant sneezes for the first time his family says bless you, but the baby elephant does not understand why they are saying that to him, and assumes that this must be his name.

But the baby elephants reason for why he keeps sneezing is that he has hay fever, which is a common allergy that occurs when the baby elephant is walking amongst long grass, but when the grass stops flowering the baby elephant no longer sneezes. 

Timoteo has done an excellent review on Blessu and has even given us detailed information  that you may not have known before you listen to this awesome podcast.

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