Monday, 3 December 2012

KPE Episode 449: Just Jack

Marvin and Melvin are both year 7 students in room 20, and have recently joined forces to create a podcast about a book Melvin has been reading called Just Jack by New Zealand author Adele Broadbent. 
This book was a 2012 NZ Posts Children's book awards FINALIST!

Wee Jack Baines is a 14 year old boy who lives on their family farm in Ormondville  under the shadow of his older brother Robert who excels in everything he does, but one thing he is good at is his gift with horses. Jack is very small for his age, and with his gift with horses his Uncle arranges a jockey apprenticeship in Hastings.

This was wee Jack's chance to prove himself to his family, especially his brother and rid of his nickname that he hates 'Wee Jack' and just be Jack.

 Jack quickly realises that its much harder than he anticipated and comes to terms that he is more like a stable boy and his chances of a jockey apprenticeship are slipping away from his grasp.  But with some help Jack soon finds a new position in Napier and is back on his way to becoming a winning jockey.

Until the ground begins to shake beneath him...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Marvin and Melvin,
    I like the podcast that you 2 made.
    I also like the pictures that you have
    added to your kpe movie. You spoke
    very clearly so we hear what you
    are saying. Can't wait to see more.