Tuesday, 27 November 2012

KPE Episode 445: EJ12 Rocky Road

Gloria has had the pleasure of interviewing Kaycee about the novel, EJ12 Rocky Road by Susannah McFarlane. These two girls are both year 6 in room 17 who have put together a fabulous podcast that will make you want to read the book for yourself.

Emma Jacks, is special agent EJ12 an is apart of the Shine agency. She can do pretty much anything, but when it comes to performing in a school talent show with her friends she becomes all shy and timid. 
When her agency hasn't had any messages from Shadow (the 'evil agency) lately. And they know that they're planning something.
It becomes Emma's mission to find out what there up to and put a stop to it 

EJ12 is yet another fabulous book apart of the amazing Girl Hero series that many of the students love to read. Take a listen to Kaycee and Gloria's podcast on their review of this book

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  1. Hi Gloria and Kaycee,
    I really enjoyed your KPE. Your pictures were reallly cool as well. I am going to read that book and see what happens next in EJ12. Have you read any other EJ12 books?