Wednesday, 25 January 2012

KPE Episode 409: "Piri and the Tekoteko"

Ahsin from Room 17 has been reading a book called "Piri and the Tekoteko" written by an author named Robyn Waitangi Nightingale. Gabriel interviews him about it.
The story begins when Piri and his nanny are on their Marae. Piri sees a  terrifying tekoteko on top of the Whare nui. A tekoteko is a carving of a Maori figure. This one is a wooden statue that sits on top of a Whare nui. It can be just an head, or it can be a full body.
You will enjoy listening to this podcast and finding out more about this fascinating subject.



  1. This is a very professional review of the story. You were able to sell the story very well and made me want to read it now. Your presentation is also very well done.

  2. This KPE podcarst is so amazing. Good one Ahsin and Gabriel. Is it fun making a Podcarst? I want to make on.