Friday, 13 January 2012

KPE Episode 407: "EJ12 Girl Hero"

In this podcast Litia interviews Shoal about a book she has been reading.

This book is called "EJ12 Girl Hero" and is written by Susannah McFarlane. Emma Jacks is an ordinary girl. She is also a gymnast. She's competing in a competition and wants to be able to do big jumps onto the beam for the routine that she is doing but she doesn't believe she can. But actually, she is NOT so ordinary as you will find out when you listen to this podcast...


  1. Hi Litia and Shoal - I've just come across your podcast about EJ12 Jump Start - I loved it! You guys are so clever to put all that together - and I love that you liked the book too! Have a great school year - and happy reading!
    Susannah McFarlane

  2. WOW!! Great podcast, Shoal and Litia. It really does sound exciting and it makes me want to get the book. Your speaking was clear and that's great!!! KEEP IT UP!!

  3. Hi Litia and Shoal,

    I really loved your podcast! I have read some of the EJ12 books, they are great!! I would really like to read EJ12 Jump Start though. You guys made it sound so exciting.

    Keep it up!!!

  4. Hi Litia and Shoal,
    WOW!!!! You have amazed me with what you have done.... I have read One of the EJ12 books, and that was awesome..... Your speaking was excellent you made your self clear and there were no crackling bits... It was just RIGHT!!!! Keep up the great work....

    1. Hi Mary,
      Nice comment but which Mary are you. Are you Mary I or V

  5. Nice book,

    My sister really likes girl books. Every night before she sleeps, she is reading. She likes mostly EJ12 and Meet the Kreeps. It was a nice podcast. It sound perfect. KEEP THAT WORK UP

  6. Hey Shoal and Litia,
    I really like your guys vocab and also the book. It was a nice podcast also is nice to hear you girls on task. Keep it up, have a nice day