Thursday, 19 January 2012

KPE Episode 408: "Lucky"

Shoal interviews Vivienne about "Lucky" by Ellen Miles.

Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies, especially Buddy, their adorable pet. But there are a lot of young dogs that need love and proper care. The Petersons act as a foster family, helping to find puppies a perfect forever home. Charles is on a backyard camping trip when he discovers a lost puppy by the stream. Lucky is scared, dirty, and hungry. It's up to Charles and his new friend David to bring this dog to safety. Will they be able to find Lucky's home?

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  1. Hi Vivienne and Shoal,

    That was a great podcast! It sounded very interesting. What I want to know is what happens to the dog. I guess i'll have read the book to find out. It must've taken Charles and David a while to find the dog's, Lucky, home. Anyway great podcast! I can't wait to make one.