Sunday, 29 May 2011

KPE Episode 352 :"Payback"

Kingston and Crusader have reviewed "payback" by Michelle Kelly in this episode of KPE.
Watch their podcast, and read more about the story below...
And most importantly, tell us what YOU think!

Riley Mitchell is nearly 14 years old. He is a popular guy, funny and confident. The
only problem is that he is really, really short. In fact Riley is pygmy-sized. Usually
this doesn’t bother him. After all, it didn’t stop him from going out with one of
the most popular girls in school and being best friends with Karl and Alex, two
sporty types who also happen to make excellent bodyguards. But things seem to
be going pear-shaped lately. Kelly isn’t talking to him and he has no idea why.
Vince McGerk, the school bully, won’t stop hassling him about his diminutive
stature, and now Riley has had enough. In a moment of extreme insanity Riley hits
Vince over the head with his plaster cast (result of a skateboarding accident),
knocking him clean off his feet. While Riley’s actions turn him into a temporary
hero he knows that it is only a matter of time before Vince gets him back.

Thing get even worse when Riley joins his school’s softball team. He plays
backstop and Vince McGerk is chosen as pitcher. While Riley loves softball and
representing the school he can’t fully enjoy himself. When and how will Vince get
him back? To make matters even worse the doctor has referred Riley to a growth
clinic. Riley always assumed that he would grow, sooner or later. What if this isn’t
true and he is destined to be a “midget” for his whole life?

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