Monday, 9 May 2011

KPE Episode 351 :"Maximum Boy"

Kingston and Crusader from Room 17 have been reading "Maximum Boy" by Dan Greenburg.

Max "Maximum Boy" Silver is a 11 year old hero. He lives on the north side of Chicago next to Lake Michigan. He lives with his mum, his dad and his teenage sister, Tiffany. He has braces, glasses, and superpowers: he can lift freight trains, fly faster than a space shuttle, and burp the alphabet. He has an adult friend named Porter "Tortoise Man" Torrington, who has a power called the Tortoise Ray.
Read more about this series here


  1. Hi Kingston and Crusader
    I think that book is cool and I hope I can read it too.
    from Falefehi

  2. Hi Kingston and Crusader

    The book sounds pretty interesting. Imagine if you had special powers like Max. I'm sure that you would have some amazing adventures. Well done.

  3. Hi Kingston and Crusader I really enjoined it I wish I could read that book it looks intersting

  4. hi crusader and kingston this book sound really cool I feel like reading the book.

    It a cool book to read dont you think.