Thursday, 5 May 2011

KPE Episode 347 :"The Seed"

Starford and Ahsin from Room 17 have recorded this podcast about "The Seed" by Isabel Pin.
The Scarabs and the Chafers were two tribes that never ever crossed each other's borders. But on one particular day something that fell out of the sky landed right in the middle of the border that divided their regions. The two tribes' ability to remain peaceful began being tested. Unfortunately they prepared for war as each tribe wanted to own the thing.
In the meantime, though, this strange thing that fell out of the sky, transformed into a beautiful cherry tree and its branches spread over both their lands. Both tribes realised they could SHARE its beauty and its fruit forever.
The happy ending in this story certainly does involve everyone winning.
War was avoided.
The two tribes learned to share.
Everyone lived in peace and harmony.

Tell Starford and Ahsin what you think about this podcast...

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