Friday, 6 May 2011

KPE Episode 348 :"Something Weird About Mr Foster"

Darius and Waata from Room 17 have been reading "Something Weird About Mr Foster" by Ken Catran.
Joe Bennett is a typical intermediate student. He enjoys school for the most part but would like it even more if it weren’t for Raymond. Raymond is the school bully. He is mean and ugly. Raymond takes money off the other kids and never pays them back. He’s always getting into fights. Joe spends a lot of his time avoiding Raymond so that he doesn’t have to give him money. 
Raymond is the reason why Joe leaves school through the teachers’ car park one day, instead of out the front gates. This is when he sees something extraordinary. His favourite teacher, Mr Foster drops a ball on the ground and instead of going over to pick it up he simply reaches out his arm, which grows and grows to over 4 metres long! Joe can hardly believe what he has seen, but he’s sure he’s not imagining it – especially when weird things start to happen. Joe has a very strange feeling that Mr Foster can read his mind and suddenly he has this amazing power and strength. Raymond is no longer a problem anymore – in fact, now the other kids aren’t scared of Raymond; they’re scared of Joe! But it seems that time is running out for Mr Foster. He is from outer space and all of the parts that make up his physical form are becoming weaker by the day. Earth is too polluted by humankind and Mr Foster is slowly dying. Joe needs to use all of his resources in order to save Mr Foster. The only problem is that he needs Raymond’s help to do it…

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