Wednesday, 6 October 2010

KPE Episode 316: "Ozzie Kingsford"

Seini- Mino and Sylvia from Room 17 have been reading 
(Five and a bit days in the life of) "Ozzie Kingsford" by Val Bird.
Ozzie and his family get ready for the visit of Uncle Rusty from London. 

As Ozzie says: Prediction: This forthcoming social event will throw my parents into a state of pre-visitor-tension, and our family will suffer from disharmony. And it does. Mum goes into a frenzy of getting the house tidy (read - Ozzie has to clean his room!), the lawn mowed and the menu prepared. The Brat, Snoops, Ozzie and Dad all suffer. Add to that a huge storm, the fact it's nearly Christmas and a few little Ozzie-disasters and it's chaos.
Another hilarious story from Val Bird with brilliant illustrations from her daughter Rebecca Cundy, the second in this series.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Seini-Mino and Sylvia,

    It was absolutely fantastic to watch your podcast about Ozzie Kingsford.I really enjoyed reading this book with a group in a class I recently taught in. I am studying at the University of Auckland to be a primary school teacher, at the moment I am conducting an inquiry into how ICT can be used in a literacy guys have given me some great ideas.
    Thanks so much to you and everyone at KPE!


    PS I can't wait to see more of my favourite books in your podcasts.