Monday, 4 October 2010

KPE Episode 314: "CIA: The Moo-my's Curse"

"Cows In Action: The Moo-my's Curse" by Steve Cole is presented by Erene and Matthew from Room 17.
Professor McMoo is a very clever cow - so clever, in fact, that he has managed to build himself a time machine from discarded farming machinery. He and his two cow friends, Pat and Bo Vine live on the Barmer farm, in fear of the hideous farmer's wife, Betty. But they are also star agents of the CIA - Cows in Action, a crack team of cow commandos! In the future, cows live peacefully with humans as equals, not as food. But some cows in the future try to use the technology of time travel to interfere with history - and the Prof has to help stop that! In "The Moo-my's Curse", the CIA must travel to Ancient Egypt where they suspect a time-travelling ter-moo-nator is impersonating Tutankhamen. As they race through ancient pyramids and encounter terrifying mummies, will they have time to unravel the mystery and restore history to the way it should be? 

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