Saturday, 17 July 2010

KPE Episode 286: "Wonderful Wheels Day"

"Wonderful Wheels Day" by Philippa Werry and Alice Bell is podcast by Makerita and Brooklyn from Room 15. This book is a sequel to The Lost Watch, which we have podcast in the past.
Henry finds himself in another awkward situation. Last time he'd taken Dad's new watch to school when he knew he shouldn't. 
This time the school is to have a day where all the students are allowed to bring their wheels to school, whether bike, roller blades or skateboard. Henry has a brand new pair of roller blades and is the envy of his friends. But Henry never mastered using them and now Wonderful Wheels Day is about to reveal his embarrassing secret.

Check out this synopsis:
Henry’s teacher Miss Grace wants to reward Room 4 for their excellent work and behaviour. If all the students keep trying hard they will get a Wonderful Wheels Day at the end of the term. On Wheels Day you get to bring inline skates or skateboards or bikes to school and ride them around the playground while everyone else is in class. Everyone in room 4 is excited – except Henry. Henry is dreading Wheels Day. He can’t ride a bike or use rollerblades. The trouble is he has no balance. Henry is worried that he will make a fool of himself in front of all his friends and plans to come up with a way of getting out of Wheels Day.


  1. Rita and Brooklyn,
    This seems like a cute book I would like to read to my son and future students. Rita I like the questions you asked Brooklyn and Brooklyn you did a great job on answering her questions. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Rita and Brooklyn,

    Great podcast. Henry sounds like a lot of kids who get embarrassed in front of their friends when their parents are around. I'm glad that the other kids thought it was cool when they found out that it was Henry's Dad who signed up for skate camp too. Well done.