Friday, 16 July 2010

KPE Episode 285: "The Wild Wests and the Haunted Fridge"

"The Wild Wests and the Haunted Fridge" by Joy Cowley is podcast by Kayla and Sylvia from Room 17.  The Wild West series is a favourite with Kiwi school kids and this crazy book is another good one.
"Michael is an only child of doting parents who believe that it is important to know the right people, say the right things and live in the right kind of house. They are not exactly enthusiastic when their relatives the Wests move into the next street but Michael can't wait to spend more time with Auntie Rosie, Uncle Leo and their five children who are known as the wild West gang. No one in the West family has ever heard of the word "tidy" and they all do exciting things that sometimes get them into trouble. "


  1. Kayla and Sylvia,
    Great podcast! I hope everyone that listens to it will realize stealing is not a good option.

  2. Hi Sylvia and Kayla

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast girls. You are right, stealing is wrong and you can wind up in more trouble than its worth. I hope they learned a good lesson. Great photos! Well done girls.

    Mrs Lagitupu