Monday, 28 September 2009

KPE Episode 244: "Brian's Brilliant Career"

"Brian's Brilliant Career" by Pamela Rushby is podcast by Rachael and Sela from Room 18.
This book is about a boy who gets talent scouted when a TV News crew visits his school. He joins a talent agency and he does some work on commercials. During the course of the podcast you will hear about some of the incidents that happened when Brian started making advertisements.
Both these girls have experience presenting on Pt England's own television news show, PENN, and they conclude that presenting is a better option than acting in commercials after reading this book.


  1. Hello! My name is Catherine Bryars and I am apart of Dr. Strange's class at the University of South Alabama. I thought your podcast was very interesting and you both did and excellent job! Keep up the good work! Here is my teachers class blog if you want more information on what we are doing,

  2. Hi Sela and Racheal,

    I've just finished listening to your podcast and I think its great. I wonder if any of our Pt England presenters have ever considered acting in commercials or joining a talent agency. You never know.
    The book sounds really interesting. Well done for keeping up with the great podcasting.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  3. Hi Rachael and Sela,
    I have just listened to your podcast and Oh my goodness! You read so well! You guys could easily become New Zealand's future TV presenters!

    Mrs She @Room5 at England School.

  4. you both did an awesome job on your podcast. You sound like professionals.

  5. Hi all you rising stars.We came for a visit anssaw iwth awe how dedicated andnainmated you all were towards making your learnng fun even thought the rain came with us instead of the sun. I think you are all very talented and really know how to get the best from your teachers to make your learning real and live. So, now i'm off to tell my class how you guys juse ICT to jive and be alive.

    Warm regards
    Diana Price
    Maugnatapu School

  6. We like that you spoke with clear voices. Thank You for telling us about the book and I will see if we have it in our library.
    Alison, Suli and Cody