Wednesday, 23 September 2009

KPE Episode 242: "Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?"

Do you really want to know? Well then, Aidan and Cruz from Room 15 discuss this book which has delighted countless New Zealand kids; "Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?" by Dawn McMillan & Bert Signal. This fun story provides an answer to the age old question and Dawn tells us that Bert Signal first heard about it in an old 1930's rugby song. That would be fun to listen to as well.
This book is so popular with Pt England students that it was one of the very first podcasts ever published on KPE back on Sept 24 2005. It was Episode 3 of KPE and was presented by Paul and Livingston who are now in Year 10 at college. You can listen to their version and compare it by clicking here.
Tell us what you think....


  1. Hi, my name is Katherine Duren and I attend the University of South Alabama in the United States. I am studying to be an Elementary teacher. I am currently in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. That was a really interesting version of the book. I always wanted to know why dogs sniffed bottoms. I thought that maybe that was their way of telling where their owners had been or it helped them recognize their owners. I guess that I should read the book to find out why. Aidan, Cruz, and Dawn McMillan keep up the good work.

    Katherine Duren
    Dr. Strange's EDM 310 Class
    University of South Alabama

  2. Hi Aidan

    Great podcast you did I have a question has a dog that you have seen sniffed somebodys bottom? Anyway keep the great work up.

  3. Hi Aidan and Cruz
    I like your podcast boys. That sounds like a very interesting book.So Aidan did you read the book and find out why dogs still sniff bottoms? Anyways keep up the good work boys.


  4. hi Aidan and Cruz very funny story,lucky Fire was in the story dogs would of went around going sniff sniff sniff.How did Fire scaree the other dog it did not say in this podcast but i would like to see more podcasts from you Cruz and Aidan

    From Matthew R

  5. This was our first podcast we ever listened to! It was awesome! We're thinking we might try doing a podcast too. We have read this book and think you did a good job reviewing it. From Jamie, James, Moana & Kreed Glenorchy School