Sunday, 27 September 2009

KPE Episode 243: "30 Weird and Wonderful NZ Stories"

Mubasshira and Seini-Mino from Room 15 discuss one of the stories, "Mr Wardback and the Topsy Turvey Show" , from this collection of short stories for children. It is about a man who does everything backward (clue: take a look at his name, and think very carefully about this one....).
The girls do a good job of talking like him on this podcast as well.
Have a listen and tell them what you think....


  1. Oh, my!
    I don't think I could live like Mr. Wardback! It would be soooo confusing! I would NEVER be able to understand what he is saying!

    Emily Carlson

  2. Hi girls,

    What an interesting story. Mr Wardback sounds a little crazy. Imagine wearing your uniform backwards to school! That would be weird. Well done on presenting a great podcast.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  3. You did a good job. We enjoyed listening to your review. The book sounds interesting and some of us will read it from our library.
    The podcast was fluent and clear. We understood the main points.

    Well done and thanks!
    Year 10 ESL class - Rangitoto College

  4. Wow girls you did a great job helping this story come to life! I really enjoyed it more listening to you tell it than even reading it. I hope you continue your work and continue doing such a fantastic job!
    Angel Padgett
    Mississippi, USA