Tuesday, 7 April 2009

KPE 216: "30 Weird and Wonderful NZ Stories"

"30 Weird and Wonderful NZ Stories" edited by Barbara Else.
Maree and Gabrielle from Room 17 discuss several stories in this collection of New Zealand tales for this latest episode of KPE. You will want to read the book after you have listened to the podcast and you will find out something very interesting about where Maree gets to go for her family holidays.
When you figure out where that is, why don't you tell us if you have ever been there too?


  1. Hi Maree and Gabrielle
    I was very impressed with your podcast when I heard it. You have written a most entertaining script and given us a taste of some of the stories and left me wanting to read the book. Which is exactly what a good podcast should be.
    Maree I was so jealous when I heard about where your holiday house is. That must be so cool, to get on the boat in Auckland and half an hour later be on holiday in a completely different place.
    Looking forward to your next one ladies!
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Maree and Gabby i really liked your story it was wonderful and I enjoyed it so so much.you have written and intertaining script
    and you have given me a taste of some of the stories and left me wanting to read the book which is exacly what a podcast should be looking forword for your next podcasts

  3. WOW!!! Maree and Gabrielle

    That story was really interesting and the podcast and the notes were good too. I tihnk you would of worked really hard.

    You were really good telling the people what the story was and no rain for a week that would of made me angry is well but keep it up and I cant wait until the next one

    Bye From-Shontal

  4. Hi Maree and Gabrielle

    Great podcast girls! Well done. I enjoyed listening to what you had to say. Maree you are so lucky!

    When I was your age I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with an old aunty of mine at her house on the island. She had huge windows in her lounge with an amazing view out onto the beach.
    Keep up the great work.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  5. Hi Maree and gabby

    IT was a great story that intrasting.
    Can not wat 4 the next one.

    From MAREE"s MUM

  6. !WOW! Gabby & Maree
    That was a graet podcast
    wow maree i never knew you had a beach house that sounds vrey cool and gabby I like the way you spoke it sounds very nice.

  7. Hi Maree and Gabrielle
    I was very impressed by the way you have been speaking in the LOS which means the language of success and also writing in the language of success im really proud of you two.

    I really loved the way you have written an spectacular marvelous script.

    Hopefully you two write things on will write something on the newspaper for us to read.

    hope to see your next podcast.

    This was Latu